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Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG

Hydraulic 2-post lift with double-jointed arms

Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG

Código No:HLNTK250.0001130D-7016
Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG
NB HLNT 2.50 DG f NB g
NB HLNT 2.50 DG s NB g
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Código No: HLNTK250.0001130D-7016
Capacidad elevación: 5000 kg
Tipo 2 post lift
Color Grey
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DE - 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg
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Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG

The hydraulic 2-post lift Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG with a load capacity of 5000 kg and double-jointed arms is the only lift in the world with a triple safety system. It is also the ideal lift for the demanding automotive workshop serving all vehicle types, from short small cars to heavy SUVs to long wheelbase vans and vans. With the very fast lifting and lowering times, minimal maintenance (no synchronous cables, no rollers) and the automatic safety lock, it is the ideal lift for daily continuous use in a garage where flexibility and reactivity are required. With the symmetrical telescopic double-jointed arms you can lift a wide range of vehicle sizes and weight classes from Smart/BMW Mini to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter with a long wheelbase.

The Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG is equipped as standard with the patented Nussbaum technologies NT and HyperFlow® and has been developed and manufactured by Nussbaum since its market launch in 2014 in Kehl-Bodersweier in Baden-Württemberg.

  • Lifting time: 31 seconds / Lowering time 15 seconds
  • Capacity: 5000 kg
  • Double-jointed arms reach the mounting points of various vehicle sizes
  • Adjustable in width and height (with optional riser pipe extension)
  • Compressed air connection and 220 V socket integrated in column
  • High quality: Every power unit and every hydraulic cylinder is tested before shipment.
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

The HF 3S series is the result of over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and development of high-quality automotive lifts Made in Germany. With specially developed in-house technologies, we are the world's only lift manufacturer able to offer you a precise, variable lowering speed and perfect synchronisation without manual maintenance. The ergonomic continuously variable operating lever Nussbaum-Commander enables sensitive lowering and allows the user to change and correct positions in no time at all, all with maximum safety. The main switch attached to the control column can also be secured with a padlock. The Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG is not only safe, but also exceptionally flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of workshop sizes and configurations. Its base frame-free design, which can be adjusted in terms of installation width and height, enables a wide variety of installation combinations and variants:  With a minimum height of 4020 mm and a maximum height of 2055 mm thanks to the optional riser pipe extensions, the Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG can be used both in workshops with low ceiling heights and to lift high vehicles such as vans and trucks to the ideal working height for you.

The pulling hydraulic cylinders protect the hydraulic circuit even during intensive use and require very little power. The low power consumption, the constant automatic compensation of the hydraulic circuits by the HyperFlow® system and the low maintenance requirements, also thanks to the reduced number of moving parts, reduce running costs. The submerged oil motor is mounted on the control column and is easily accessible for maintenance. A compressed air connection and a 220 V socket are integrated into the control column. The arms and columns are welded in Nussbaum's own state-of-the-art welding machines, shot-peened and then powder-coated . Your lift is thus protected against dirt and weather in the long term.

The design and workmanship of the Power Lift HF 3S 5000 DG give your lift an elegant overall appearance, which also allows your workshop to appear in the best light in direct customer contact.

How does the Nussbaum safety lock differ from conventional safety systems?

The Nussbaum safety lock automatically secures the vehicle during the lifting process at intervals of 100 mm up to the maximum lifting height of 2055 mm. The safety lock attached to the control column allows the lift to be manually lowered into the lock. In contrast to conventional 2-post lifts with safety locks, the safety lock does not make any clicking noise during lifting and lowering, which is typical for this type of lift. The vehicle can be lowered immediately after release of the handle without having to be lifted upwards out of the lock.


Hebebühne mit Unterölaggregat an der Hubsäule, Steuerung mittels Commander Hebel, Hubsäulenverlängerung variabel einstellbar, Universal bzw. Doppelgelenktragarme, im Tragarm gesteckte Teleskopdrehteller, CE-STOP bei DG Ausführung


Fundamentstärke von min. 250mm mit Qualität min. C20/25, 14 Dübel BM16-25/100/40 (abhängig vom Fundament, siehe Prüfbuch), Elektroanschluss 3 PH, N + PE, 400 V, 50 Hz, Absicherung 16 Amp. träge, Hydrauliköl HLP 32 ca. 10l[newline marker]Entladung

Capacidad 5000 kg
RAL color RAL 7016
Altura de recogida min 120 - 195 mm
Altura de recogida min 120 - 195 mm
Tiempo ascenso 31 sec
Tiempo descenso 15 sec
Altura elevación max. 2055 mm
Altura total min 4035 - 4935 mm
Altura Columna 4035-4935 mm
Ancho total min 3925 - 4450 mm
Ancho recomendado instalación 3750 mm
Ancho instalación min. 3650 - 3950 mm
Ancho de paso min 2690 - 2890 mm
Ancho de paso entre columnas min 2977 - 3177 mm
Ancho de paso entre columnas con los carros de elevación min 2690 - 2890 mm
Distancia libre entre columnas min. 2977 - 3177 mm
Dispositivo de recogida
Sistema Sincronización
Oil quantity (approx.) 10 liter
Alimentación eléctrica (Ph/V/Hz) 3 Ph , 400 V , 50 Hz
Protección Fusible
Potencia Motor 3 KW
Noise level (<=) 70 db
Longitud cimentación 1650 mm
Ancho cimentación 4300 mm
Grossor cimentación 250 mm
Calidad cemento C20/25
Número arancel aduanero tafífa 84254100

Ficha técnica

Datenblatt 177 KB


Blockfundamentplan 55 KB

Modelos de elevación

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Power Lift HF 3S 5000 Prospetto - Italiano 1.7 MB
Power Lift HF 3S 5000 Broschüre - Deutsch 1.7 MB
Power Lift HF 3S 5000 Brochure - English 1.7 MB
Power Lift HF 3S 5000 Panfleto - Español 1.7 MB
Nussbaum POWER LIFT HF 3S 5000 FR WEB 1.7 MB
Dimensiones producto 4300mm x 1150mm x 920mm
Peso Total 1470kg
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